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Ethical AI Manifesto: Shaping the Future of Responsible AI by

The year 2023 marked a significant turning point for Artificial Intelligence. Once a field confined to academic circles and big tech labs, AI has now stepped confidently into the mainstream spotlight. But as its influence grows, so do the questions that surround it.

Where do these vast data sets come from? Who is responsible for storing and managing this content? How can we ensure that AI is used responsibly and ethically?

That’s where our Ethical AI Manifesto comes in. It’s more than a document; it’s a vital guide for journalists, scholars, curious minds, and businesses eager to understand the intricacies of AI and the ethical considerations behind its use. As AI continues to shape our existence, grasping its ethical implications is paramount. At, our mission centers on navigating the transformative landscape of AI with a steadfast commitment to ethical and responsible practices. We’re thrilled to share our insights and experience through our Ethical AI Manifesto.

Why an Ethical AI Manifesto?

AI is more than just technology; it reflects the values and principles we hold dear. Our manifesto isn’t just a document; it’s a declaration of our commitment to ethical AI. It embodies our approach to innovation, data integrity, and our responsibility toward society.

What to Expect from Our Ethical AI Manifesto

As we consider the principles of Trustworthy AI and our core tenets, it’s crucial to remember that as AI becomes more integrated into our daily lives, understanding its implications becomes critical, as highlighted in MIT’s Technology Review. This comprehensive understanding forms the bedrock of our manifesto:

  • Principles of Trustworthy AI: Understand our foundational beliefs that guide our approach to AI, emphasizing ethics, equity, and transparency. Discover how we’re reshaping the industry narrative toward a more responsible future.
  • Core Tenets of Ethical Operations: We’re not just innovators; we’re standard-setters in the field of ethical AI. Learn about our strict policies, including ‘no content without consent’, professional standards for data trainers, security by design, and transparency by default.
  • Stance Against Unethical Practices: Find out how we actively stand against industry malpractices such as data scraping, unfair contracts, labor exploitation, and regulatory evasion. Our manifesto clearly outlines the unethical practices we reject and how we counteract them.
  • Our Commitment: Smart Data for Ethical AI: Beyond principles, our manifesto is a commitment to action. Explore how we ensure the integrity of every data byte, AI solution, and partnership. From valuing data ethically to prioritizing crowds without compromise, we set the benchmark for responsible AI.
  • Partnership and Leadership in AI Ethics: Learn about our active role in shaping global AI policies, including our involvement in initiatives like the White House Task Force on AI. We’re not just participants; we’re leaders in driving ethical AI forward.

Beyond the Ethical AI Manifesto

We recognize the need for a balanced approach in the broader AI landscape. As we consider ways to do better with AI, it’s imperative to balance innovation with proactive regulation to protect societal interests. This document is more than words on a page; it’s a reflection of our ongoing mission to lead not just in innovation but in ethical practices.

A Personal Note from Our Founder and CEO, Daniela Braga

As we discuss the future of AI and our Ethical AI Manifesto, it’s crucial to understand the personal dedication and vision driving our efforts at Our CEO, Daniela Braga, shares her insights and experiences, shaping the ethos behind our manifesto. Here’s a letter from her that captures the essence of our mission:

Dear reader,

2023 was the year Artificial Intelligence permeated all areas. However, as it extends its reach, the challenges grow increasingly complex.

What we are witnessing is a real Wild West scenario behind the scenes in the AI industry. Big tech companies are on the hunt for the most cost-effective data solutions to train their Large Language Models (LLM), leading to the exploitation and underpayment of digital crowd workers, as well as the unauthorized collection of data. This hampers progress: AI models stall in development because they are continually trained on the same databases. Meanwhile, other businesses shy away from using AI tools with concerns over security, data privacy, and compliance with copyright laws, among other issues.

This must stop.

In these more than 20 years that I have been working with AI, I have always been dedicated to developing high-quality training data to build AI models that empower enterprises to achieve their goals. This path led to my involvement with the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Resource Task Force, a 12-person body that advises the US president on the AI strategy of the United States. It also prompted me to move to Washington D.C. to be closer to governmental discussions.

I genuinely believe that Ethical AI, built on a foundation of trustworthy and unbiased data, is one of the key distinguishing pillars for everyone that is concerned with developing Responsible AI. At, all our databases follow these rules: they are paid for, obtained with consent, and anonymized, while always respecting the dignity of fair wages for everyone worldwide.

From this desire to contribute to a fairer AI environment,’s Ethical AI Manifesto was born. This framework embodies the principles we consider essential for building a more ethical and egalitarian landscape, including valuable data, committed crowds, and partnerships with governments.

I invite everyone to read the manifesto and join us on this journey. If data is the new oil, then it is imperative that we extract it responsibly. We offer data that we value.

Best Regards,
Daniela Braga
Founder & CEO of

Join Us on This Journey

Daniela’s insights highlight the urgency and importance of our work. As she invites, we too urge you to read our Ethical AI Manifesto and join us on this critical journey. If data is the new oil, then responsibly harnessing it is not just an option; it’s an imperative. We offer data that is ethically sourced and valued, aligning with our commitment to ethical AI.

Download Our Ethical AI Manifesto

We believe an informed dialogue about AI ethics is crucial for everyone — from industry leaders to everyday users. Download our Ethical AI Manifesto today to understand the principles guiding our work and join the conversation about the responsible use of AI.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts and continue this critical conversation. Together, we can ensure that AI serves as a tool for positive transformation and a beacon of ethical innovation.


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