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As CV applications multiply by the day, businesses are reaping the benefits of investing in CV-based AI automation. Reduce your costs and customer wait times today by training your models with Defined.ai CV training datasets.

Facial/Identity Recognition
Generative AI
Off-the-shelf datasets

Looking to develop your model ASAP? Try out our high-quality, ready-to-use identity verification datasets, available for 7 ethnicities.

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Custom datasets

Have specific needs that aren’t covered by our Off-The-Shelf dataset? We can help collect the right data for you with our global network of contributors.

Other CV solutions
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Custom CV dataset

Need a custom CV dataset that’s not readily availalbe off-the-shelf? We’d be more than happy to source it for you. Reach out today to let us know your specifications and requirements.

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CV model evaluation

More and more content is generated by AI today. It’s therefore critical to get feedback from target audiences so you can improve generative model output. Our veteran Evaluation of Experience team can help you do exactly that.

Alessandro Giannetti
VP of Customer Solutions AI/ML @Defined.ai
At Defined.ai we are working to solve one of the most pressing challenges of computer vision data science teams—providing access to premium, diverse, and ethically sourced images and videos for training and testing computer vision models. We have designed, built, and deployed customized workflows for collecting, annotating, and validating the finest performing and optimized datasets. Be it off-the-shelf data or custom data collection, our clients have been training their computer vision models using our high-quality images and videos to accelerate their process and maximize outcomes.
Why us?

We wear our values on our sleeve and weave them into our data and solutions. Choosing Defined.ai means you get the benefit of our high standards enriching your AI initiatives.

As veteran industry professionals, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. See for yourself in our free data samples.
Human-machine interaction AI is a big field, but we do it all. We’re confident we can deliver on your specific need.
Security & privacy
Never worry about security or privacy—we’re one of the first GDPR-compliant AI companies with ISO-27001 certification.
Our philosphy is that if data is the lifeblood of AI, people are the lifeblood of data. We’re your ethical AI partner.

CV in action

Curious on how adding computer vision technologies can help your business? Check out these case studies to get an idea how Defined.ai CV services can help enhance your business offerings.

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Try our datasets

Peruse our Marketplace for our ready-to-use, off-the-shelf identity verification dataset, available for 7 ethnicities.

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Commission a dataset, learn more about our AI marketplace subscriptions, or become a vendor by selling your own tools, services, data, or models. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear from you.