A workforce dedicated to AI development

Our global crowd is comprised of over a million contributors with 200 million task completions and counting—all regularly vetted, certified, curated and segmented to your specific needs.

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Diverse, on-demand workforce curated for your projects by demographic and professional need, vetted with and by our rigorous quality checks and standards

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If two heads are better than one, a hundred specialized heads are even better. We’ll segment and customize talent based on your project’s unique locale and experience needs


Security and privacy are core values. We’re ISO-27001 certified and each project is protected by contributor-level data privacy agreements

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We do all the hard work for you. Get a team of experienced and certified contributors without the complications of recruitment logistics

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Ethical crowdsourcing

If data is the lifeblood of AI, people are the lifeblood of data. Our platform offers flexible work and pay at or multiples times above the minimum wage per locale

How it works

Our workforce will help you create and improve AI models with high-quality training data, labeled and annotated quickly, securely, and ethically

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1 Set crowd paramenters
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2 Onboard crowd on your platform
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Our coverage

Expedite your time to market with our experienced and vetted global workforce, comprising contributors from over 100 countries, natively speaking over 70 languages, and with countless professional backgrounds

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English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Italian (Italy), Dutch (Netherland), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico), French (Canada), Hindi (India)
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Tier 2
Japanese (Japan), English (Australia), English (South Africa), Portuguese (Portugal), Czech (Czech Republic), Turkish (Turkey), Chinese (China), Thai (Thailand), Tamil (India), Indonesian (Indonesia)
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Tier 3
Other languages.

Use cases

NET Entity Tagging
IVR Speech Dialogue Collection