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Getting AI to understand and reproduce natural human language isn’t an easy feat. That’s where our high-quality off-the-shelf datasets and international crowd-powered data annotation and collection services can help.

Named Entity Recognition
Generative AI
Off-the-shelf datasets

Looking to train, test, or benchmark your model ASAP? Try out our high-quality, ready-to-use NER datasets with 24 named entity categories today.

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Custom datasets

Your NER models will benefit from high-quality data specific to your business focus. Let us help you source and label that data with our global crowdsourcing platform.

Sentiment Analysis
Generative AI
Off-the-shelf datasets

We’ve got ABSA data gathered from customer reviews across five locales from major markets, ready to train, test, or benchmark your sentiment analysis models today.

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Custom datasets

Should your sentiment analysis model need data more specific to your business domain, we’d be happy to help source it for you quickly and economically, thanks to our diverse global crowd.

Other NLP solutions
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Carla Abreu
NLP Solutions Architect @Defined.ai
We’re passionate about the quality and variety of our NLP data services, from standard workflows like variant collection, named entity annotation, aspect-based sentiment annotation, and more, to personalized workflows specific to a client’s unique needs and requirements. Our scalable global workforce can collect and annotate data in a number of languages, while our automated quality metrics ensures that only the highest quality contributor annotations make it into the final dataset. Providing clients with highly accurate data is the key to our success.
Why us?

We wear our values on our sleeve and weave them into our data and solutions. Choosing Defined.ai means you get the benefit of our high standards enriching your AI initiatives.

As veteran industry professionals, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. See for yourself in our free data samples.
Human-machine interaction AI is a big field, but we do it all. We’re confident we can deliver on your specific need.
Security & privacy
Never worry about security or privacy—we’re one of the first GDPR-compliant AI companies with ISO-27001 certification.
Our philosphy is that if data is the lifeblood of AI, people are the lifeblood of data. We’re your ethical AI partner.

NLP in action

Curious how adding language-based AI can help your business? Check out these case studies and use cases to get an idea how Defined.ai’s NLP services can help enhance your business offerings.

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Peruse our Marketplace for a vast array of ready-to-use, off-the-shelf NLP datasets across a variety of languages, dialects, demographics, and industries.

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Commission a dataset, learn more about our AI marketplace subscriptions, or become a vendor by selling your own tools, services, data, or models. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear from you.