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New Retail Image Dataset: transform your business with our exclusive release

At, the largest marketplace for ethically sourced AI training data, we are thrilled to have added a new Retail Image Dataset to our platform. This dataset focuses on the brick-and-mortar retail domain, primarily from Brazil. It contains almost 8 million images of assorted items on shelves, storefronts, close-ups of price tags, and more.

With this Retail Image Dataset, the builders of AI will be able to train new models to cover copious use cases. The dataset was sourced by’s strict ethical standards, ensuring that all data was obtained with the informed consent of those involved and that privacy rights were respected. We believe ethical sourcing of AI training data is of utmost importance, and we take that responsibility seriously. We are confident that our clients will appreciate the care and attention we put into curating this data.

Why are we so excited about this Retail Image Dataset?

A dataset like this one becoming available is a rare occurrence. For starters, aggregating images from different retail locations across Brazil and organizing them into a cohesive dataset is a complex and time-consuming task. Also, datasets of this nature are valuable and can provide a competitive edge to companies with access to them. As a result, organizations may be reluctant to share such data or make it publicly available. While many AI companies build their solutions through dubious means of data collection, stands on its principles of ethical AI. Rather than scraping data from the internet, we work hand in hand with our partners to showcase and evangelize their datasets to the world. Because of this, we can proudly offer you the dataset today.

What is in this Retail Image dataset?

With over 8 million images, this dataset has a diverse set of categories. Here are just a few examples:

1. Price Tags

2. Shelf Stock

3. Checkout / Cashier

4. Storefront

What are some use cases for this Retail Image dataset?

1. Retail inventory management

An AI model trained on this dataset could be used to automate the inventory management process in retail stores by analyzing images of items on shelves and alerting staff when items need restocking.

2. Price monitoring

The dataset could be used to train an AI model to monitor prices across different retail stores and identify discrepancies or price changes.

3. Customer behavior analysis

An AI model could be trained on the dataset to analyze customer behavior in retail stores by tracking their movements, preferences, and product interactions.

4. Customer experience optimization

An AI model trained on the dataset could be used to optimize the customer experience in retail stores by identifying areas of the store that receive the most traffic and analyzing customer reactions to product displays.

5. Fraud detection

The dataset could be used to train an AI model to identify fraudulent behavior in retail stores, such as shoplifting or price tag switching.

6. Planogram Compliance

CV algorithms could be implemented to validate visual merchandising on behalf of brands.

7. Smart Stores

With the rise of Amazon Go, more and more brick-and-mortar shops will look to go autonomous, computer vision will be an integral tool in this transition.

About is the largest marketplace for ethically sourced AI training data. Our platform provides access to high-quality, diverse datasets that allow companies and organizations to train their AI models effectively. is committed to ethical sourcing and transparency and believes that clients should have access to the best data possible.


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