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At the heart of DefinedCrowd, we’re developing a platform to collect and annotate training data. This platform is powered by a combination of human and machine learning models input. This presents a set of exceptional challenges in a wide range of computer science and engineering disciplines, ranging from designing a global and scalable software architecture to estimating the audio quality of spontaneous speech.  

Since the very beginning that quality is a core value of DefinedCrowd. We think of quality from the perspective of the product we provide to our clients, as well as from the perspective of what we are building as engineers or what we are investigating as data scientists. It’s in our DNA! We admire companies that worry about the quality and are thankful for what they share in their tech/engineering blogs. Henceforth, we decided to also share insights about tech @ DC. 

In the tech org, we have insightful discussions of software architecture, infrastructure, data engineering, tools and frameworks, data science and machine learning, or similar topics. We believe that the challenges that we face are shared by many companies and groups building novel and innovative products. This blog is our way to share our findings, our analysis, our knowledge of how we treat the bits behind our infrastructure to support an amazing product.


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