Seattle-based Data Leader Trailblazing Crowdsourced Language Data for Europe’s AI Revolution


Seattle, Washington, USA, December 3rd, 2020 – DefinedCrowd, a leading data provider for artificial intelligence (AI) and voice-recognition technologies, today announced the expansion of its proprietary and versatile off-the-shelf datasets for European markets. The new high-quality datasets will be accessible through DefinedData, a cutting-edge product suite announced earlier this year that enables customers to rapidly accelerate their AI initiatives into the market by acquiring pre-collected, annotated, and validated AI training data from an online catalog.

“In these remarkably uncertain times, one constant is that technology is helping us tackle the issues of tomorrow,” said company founder and CEO Daniela Braga. “We’ve seen the digitization of services, powered by AI and machine learning create an outside, positive impact as we confront the technological hardships of responding to COVID-19. Our high-quality language data can help countless businesses and governmental organizations adapt to our AI-enabled world.”

This the first announcement of a series of European language datasets that DefinedCrowd will release through 2021, beginning with European Portuguese. This complements the already existing 70 datasets, that serve the top world markets.

“We are constantly expanding our high-quality datasets to enable companies and ML products with European-focused audiences to reduce their time to market,” said Martin Andreas Stein, VP/GM of DefinedData. “With the acceleration of the digitalization we’re currently witnessing, speed and quality are key for success.”

DefinedData’s product offerings are curated for various language datasets to empower European companies and government institutions to accelerate their AI projects. By providing ready-to-use crowdsourced datasets that emphasize top-tier quality, DefinedData can help these initiatives with an efficient time-to-market schedule.

This offering provides new off-the-shelf datasets, annotated and validated by a global crowd, for languages that were previously unavailable. In DefinedCrowd’s efforts to unleash the potential of data, this expansion grants companies that are developing speech and NLP-based systems in European markets the opportunity to download datasets with speed. Companies will have the pre-collected datasets to confidently move their products to market without compromising quality.


About DefinedCrowd

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Catarina Peyroteo Salteiro Director of Global Communication & Brand