Launches New Virtual Assistant Concierge, Showing Progress

.29.11.2023 launched today its new virtual assistant concierge at Web Summit 2023
• Daniela Braga, the Founder and CEO of, showcased a demonstration at the SaaS Monster track of Web Summit
• DIANA, based on’s components, leverages cutting-edge Conversational AI technologies to provide a highly personalized concierge service

Lisbon, Portugal – November 16, 2023 –, the world’s leading Ethical AI Marketplace, is proud to launch its new virtual assistant concierge, its latest Conversational AI solution that understands European Portuguese.

At last year’s Web Summit edition, Daniela Braga, the Founder and CEO of, announced in a press conference that the scale-up would be leading – a new consortium supported by a €34.5 million investment from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), that aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the public and private sectors in Portugal.

During the first year of running’s operations, spent the first quarter setting up the project, presenting its first prototype later in May. This prototype was developed for AMA – Agência para a Modernização Administrativa, in partnership with Microsoft and DareData Engeneering, resulting in a realistic avatar chatbot that recognizes and reproduces text and voice to answer citizens’ questions about the Portuguese Mobile Digital Key.

The second half of the year was spent analyzing the feedback from partners and stakeholders to improve the course of the project. By the end of the summer, a new Conversational solution was developed – DIANA.
DIANA intends to showcase the progress of so far, created to revolutionize the way individuals interact with virtual assistants by offering an advanced and personalized experience. The avatar leverages cutting-edge AI technologies to provide a highly personalized concierge service, such as:

• Meta’s Llama-2 (7B) based LLM
• OpenAI’s Whisper based ASR
• LangChain’s framework for LM orchestration
• D-ID’s avatar
• Microsoft’s Text-To-Speech

In a statement about the virtual assistant’s launch, Daniela Braga expressed her commitment to innovation and accessibility of products able to recognize Portuguese (PT-PT): “We are proud to lead the way in creating AI solutions that cater to the specific needs of the Portuguese people. DIANA is the first chatbot to understand European Portuguese through Code Switching. If you ask her “DIANA, where can I eat Bacalhau à Brás in Lisbon?” she understands perfectly.” “This is just the beginning of a pivotal step towards making high-quality

AI technology accessible to a wider variety of people worldwide.”, Daniela adds.
Manel Marco, Senior Director Engineering & Product at, explored the reasons behind the technology used to build the AI Concierge: “In July we partnered with Meta to launch their open-source LLM – Llama 2. It made perfect sense for us to demonstrate our trust in this product by integrating it on DIANA”.

To learn more about and DIANA, please visit

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About, backed by an investment of €34.5 million from the Recovery and Resilience Plan, is beginning its mission with European Portuguese. is developing a conversational AI assistant that can understand and interact in languages often overlooked by the world’s largest tech companies. Its first aim is to automate 80% of customer support resolutions in Portugal, which will lead to significant cost savings for both the public and private sectors.