Breaking barriers: European Portuguese advanced synthetic avatar


Watch this video to experience a remarkable example of an advanced synthetic avatar designed for seamless communication and interaction. This avatar showcases cutting-edge technology, with its voice constructed using a state-of-the-art speech synthesizer and neural networks trained on extensive recordings in a professional studio. Specifically tailored to speak Portuguese from Portugal, the avatar’s speech is generated from phonetically balanced texts, ensuring an authentic and natural-sounding voice.

What sets this advanced synthetic avatar apart is its remarkable versatility. With the ability to adapt its style and express emotions, it offers a wide range of voices, making interactions dynamic and engaging. Its synthetic nature enables it to replace individuals in various contexts, delivering any text with flawless precision, even if it was never originally spoken.

When connected to a conversational artificial intelligence system, this advanced synthetic avatar truly shines. It demonstrates exceptional comprehension, response, and conversational abilities, seamlessly interacting with humans in a meaningful and engaging way. This avatar represents the forefront of artificial intelligence advancements, where digital clones can revolutionize communication and support across diverse domains.

From gaming apps to contact centers and beyond, this advanced synthetic avatar’s presence showcases synthetic beings’ incredible potential to enhance communication and support. Step into the future as you witness the extraordinary capabilities of this advanced synthetic avatar.