Training a Voice Assistant – From Recognizing Speech to Understanding Sentiment


A Cutting Edge Voice Assistant is Foundational to Enhancing Customer Experience

Once considered a novelty, voice-enabled assistants are now an everyday presence in our lives—whether they reside in the operating system of a mobile phone, the dashboard of a vehicle, or in the intricate wiring of a smart speaker. Not only are they now more commonplace, they are increasingly expected to be capable of doing more than just scheduling reminders or playing podcasts. Templated answers that miss the mark with users, or phrases such as, “I’m sorry, could you repeat that,” no longer cut it.

If visions of our automated future like in the Jetsons and Star Trek have taught us anything, it’s that today’s customers—and the generations to come—expect technology interactions to be as natural and fluid as communicating with another human being, and in the language they feel most comfortable. It’s therefore up to businesses to meet that demand by deploying cutting edge voice assistants that understand their customers’ every word and need.

In this white paper on voice assistants, we give an overview of how they’re designed, trained, and built to enrich customer experiences and how they bring a competitive edge to the businesses that deploy them. Download and start reading today!