Life In the Data Mine: The Labor Practices Behind the AI Explosion

Rob Salkowitz


How to Identify Unethical Data Collection Practices and Drive Accountability in AI Development

Discover what lies beneath the surface of artificial intelligence (AI) development. Our comprehensive white paper, an in-depth investigation into AI training data ethics, uncovers the unseen practices and strategies that significantly impact data annotators across the globe.

Revealing Unfair Practices in AI Training Data Annotation

Our meticulous research goes beyond scratching the surface, peeling back the many layers of an industry often shrouded in secrecy and ambiguity. We critically examine the exploitation of data annotators, pay discrepancies across different geographies, and the overarching need for greater transparency in AI training data ethics. This report does not just state facts but encourages thoughtful dialogue and action.

Learning from Global AI Training Data Experiences

By using direct applications, in-depth online community reviews, and candid interviews with data annotators, we provide a holistic and nuanced view of the AI data annotation ecosystem. Our findings underscore the urgent and pressing need for structural reform in AI training data ethics.

Gaining Industry-Wide Insights into Ethics

Our report includes evaluations of numerous companies operating across the AI landscape. From tech giants to emerging players, our white paper offers unbiased insights into commendable practices and areas of concern. See firsthand how these companies fare in upholding ethics and fair treatment.

Let’s Advocate for Change

Join us in promoting ethical AI development. Equip yourself with the knowledge to champion fair work conditions, equitable pay, and transparency in the AI data annotation industry. Access our white paper today and contribute to the change.

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