Tuning a Voice Assistant for Consumer Electronics

.10.21.2020 | 10:00-11:00 am (PDT)
60 min

AI has become a critical feature of consumer electronics. Users want devices that interact with them, understand them, and do tasks on their behalf. Integrating virtual assistants with consumer electronics has therefore become as important as the improving the sound quality of a speaker or increasing the resolution of a digital camera. But here is the challenge: a virtual assistant needs to speak every language and dialect to be able to understand any user from around the world. How can a device builder guarantee that? How does one train a machine learning model to run automatic speech recognition in every single language while understanding variations of the same request? What’s the role of data in building a voice assistant? Are virtual assistants turning into the new “man’s best friend”? What’s the future for AI in consumer electronics? Join this webinar to find out the best techniques of implementing conversational AI into consumer electronics.

About the speakers

Eric Egland Global Enterprise Innovation, Microsoft
Roger Kibbe Senior Developer Evangelist, Viv Labs, Samsung
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