The Importance of Quality AI Datasets Throughout the Model Building Process (Part 1/2)

.11.09.2020 | 02:55-03:20 pm (PDT)
25 min

How do you successfully train and build an effective AI speech model? Where different types of data fill in the process? How off-the-shelf datasets can be a good solution?

In this first part, Dr. Christopher Shulby, Director of Machine Learning at DefinedCrowd, answers these questions by explaining how companies can lead an effective process of model building and training an ASR system for a successful AI deployment, having in consideration the different types of data needed in every stage of the process. VP of DefinedData BU at DefinedCrowd, Martin Stein, will make a quick introduction to DefinedData solution, an off-the-shelf data offering designed to speed time to market. For any company interested in training, testing, evaluating or benchmarking AI models, this webinar is for you!

About the speakers

Martin Stein Chief Marketing Officer & GM, DefinedData
Shulby 400
Christopher Shulby Director of Machine Learning @DefinedCrowd
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