Optimizing the in-Car Experience: an AI Multimodal Approach

.11.12.2020 | 10:00-11:00 am (PDT)
60 min

As automotive industry becomes more and more competitive, it is critical for automakers to create new strategies that improve the customer experience. One of these strategies is adding new features to their vehicles that end-users not only enjoy but also that contribute to a greater in-car experience – adding both value, differentiation and customer loyalty.

As consumers become more dependent on new technologies that make their lives easier, they expect these technologies to traverse to all facets of their lives – home, work and in their car.

So, how can automakers keeping up with these trends and improving the in-car experience? AI is playing an important role on improving customer experience in the automotive industry by enabling a hands-off experience through multimodal applications. This new era of AI multimodal applications is becoming the new trend as autonomous or assisted driving is becoming the new norm.

What is the role of training data in this new era and how can automakers address the needs of a diverse consumer population. Join this webinar to find out the answers!

About the speakers

Christophe Couvreur Vice-President Product, Core BU, Cerence
Juergen Schmerder Director, Experience AI, Mercedes-Benz
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