Ethical AI from Policy to Practice

.04.14.2022 | 10:00-11:00 am (PDT)
60 min

Why it’s important to plan for, build, and deploy transparent, interpretable, and unbiased AI

As we leverage artificial intelligence to assist in ever more facets of our day-to-day lives, justifiable concerns over their fairness, power, and their effects on privacy, speech, and autonomy grow. In the private sector, businesses now grapple with the dual concerns of developing and deploying ethical AI, while in the public sphere, governments are crafting policy to set the ground rules for safe and fair AI use. Given this backdrop, what does it mean to build responsible, ethical AI? Join this webinar with Intel’s Melvin Greer, IBM’s Noelle Silver, and Daniela Braga from as we discuss how we can all do our part to work together, ensuring that our AI future is a just one.

Attendees will learn:

⦁ How to keep bias out of data to ensure fair and ethical AI
⦁ How interpretable AI aids transparency and reduces business liability
⦁ How impending government regulation will change how we design and implement AI
⦁ How early adoption of ethical AI practices will help you get ahead of compliance issues and costs

About the speakers

Daniela Braga, PhD Founder & CEO
Noelle Silver Global Partner, AI and Analytics @IBM
Dr. Melvin Greer Fellow and Chief Data Scientist, Americas @Intel Corporation
Shuchi Rana Diversity Chair & Moderator @VentureBeat
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