WiDS 2021: The Path to Leadership


In a 2018 survey, the World Economic Forum found that globally, women make up only 22% of professionals in AI, while another report found that only 18% of leadership positions in technology are filled by women. Closing the gender gap across industries must be a priority in the upcoming years, and it is particularly important within the quickly-evolving fields of AI and technology.  

Part of the solution is rooted in education: by encouraging more young women to study STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), the gap will naturally begin to close. Then, the focus must shift to development and training to help more women move into leadership positions.  

Daniela Braga, Founder & CEO of DefinedCrowd participated in a panel at the Women in Data Science 2021 virtual conference in which she and 4 other respected leaders discussed the path to leadership. This path isn’t clear-cut, but women can prepare by developing fundamental hard and soft skills, being open to continuous learning, and seeking out support from mentors and fellow women leaders. 

Daniela spoke about being curious, creative, and resilient in a field that presents its fair share of challenges for women, learning valuable lessons from the toughest moments, and how she surrounds herself with people who advocate for her and inspire her to keep going.   

The panelists also highlighted the power of embracing unexpected opportunities, navigating organizational politics, and asking the right questionsWatch the insightful discussion here.