DefinedCrowd Wants Everyone to be Part of Artificial Intelligence


Neevo by DefinedCrowd is the new face of the crowd platform of the company

SEATTLE, WA – DefinedCrowd Corp., a startup that offers a platform for companies to collect, enrich and structure data for artificial intelligence (AI) applications, unveiled the new brand of their human data management product applied to data science, Neevo.

Designed for people interested in participating in the future of AI, Neevo is an online platform where users can contribute to the development and improvement of Artificial Intelligence systems, by doing written, tagging, collection, and classification tasks.

The human inputs provided are then used for training data (human-in-the-loop), which enables the parent company DefinedCrowd to offer high-quality datasets to their clients, that include companies such as Accenture, Jibo, Nuance, Voicebox, and a number of Fortune 500s innovating in AI.

“We live in a time where technology is evolving really fast and its presence in our daily lives is rapidly growing. The interest in AI is growing and many people want to be part of it. This is where Neevo comes into the picture,” explains DefinedCrowd’s Chief Business Development Officer, Aya Zook. “With Neevo, everyone has a chance to be part of the next wave of innovation by contributing to a better AI.”

Sharing her thoughts on what this means for enterprise clients, founder and CEO Dr. Daniela Braga added, “as users’ expectations towards AI systems increase, companies are starting to recognise the relevance of high-quality data to train their models. The best way to guarantee accurate results is to ensure people’s inputs – feedback that is paramount to building human-centric AI systems.”

The public platform, now called Neevo, has already more than 15.000 users across the world since the company was founded two years ago. To be part of the next evolution, interested users simply have to register at and complete their profile. Based on incoming task types that match their profile (e.g., language proficiency, skill level, etc.), registered users will be notified of the task and compensated for their contributions considering the quality of the work.