DefinedCrowd Releases Initial Set of Intelligent Data Program Templates


KIRKLAND, WA — DefinedCrowd Corp., a next-generation data science company for artificial intelligence (AI), today announced the private beta release of their first set of intelligent data program templates. The DefinedCrowd platform is a global data acquisition and enrichment platform designed for enterprise-scale speech technology and natural language processing (NLP) data programs. With its expertise in speech and natural language technologies, the platform combines machine learning and data science with the global power and scale of modern crowdsourcing. It enables enterprises to improve quality, scalability, and time-to-market for their speech and NLP applications.

The company has now released their initial set of speech data program templates to enable enterprises to define and distribute the most common speech and natural language data programs internationally. The eight templates released today include, among others: Semantic Annotation for Natural Language Understanding, Mean Opinion Score for Text-to-Speech Evaluation, Text-to-Audio Validation and Orthographic Transcription for Automatic Speech Recognition. More templates and data pipelines will be released over the next few months.

“We are incredibly excited to announce the private beta release of our first intelligent data program templates today,” said Amy Du, Chief Executive Officer of DefinedCrowd. “With the launch of our initial wave of speech and NLP data program templates, we help accelerate global enterprise data training and modeling using data science and machine learning capabilities.”

Additionally, DefinedCrowd shared that the company is now capable of executing in over 30 countries and over 100 dialects. “Addressing the opportunity and challenge of the global AI data market requires a new approach,” said Dr. Daniela Braga, President and Chief Scientist. “We believe the combination of our worldwide Crowd-as-a-Service platform with machine learning capabilities enables DefinedCrowd to provide large volumes of intelligent data quickly for today’s speech data scientists. The end result is improved quality, reduced cost and faster time-to-market.” To learn more about the DefinedCrowd, please visit