DefinedCrowd launches Neevo app


The Seattle-based company has announced the release of their brand-new mobile application that allows everyone to be part of the future of Artificial Intelligence faster and more efficiently.

Toronto – DefinedCrowd, a smart data company for Artificial Intelligence (AI), has just unveiled their Neevo by DefinedCrowd app at Collision in Toronto.

Designed for people who want to help shape the future, Neevo now offers a native app for iOS and Android where users can contribute to the development and improvement of AI systems. Community members contribute by performing written, tagging, collection, and classification tasks while being paid for each task completed. This human input enables DefinedCrowd to offer accurate training data in a fast turnaround time to their clients, which include companies such as BWM, Mastercard, Accenture, Jibo, Nuance, and Voicebox, among other Fortune 500 companies.

“With the increasing demand for high-quality training data, it’s crucial to ensure our human-in-the-loop community has fast and efficient access to the AI-related tasks,” states Director of Product, Sara Oliveira. “That’s why the launch of the Neevo app is a big milestone for us, as it provides a mobile-dedicated experience to leverage the human intelligence in our datasets,” she adds.

The app is now available at App Store and Play Store, allowing members of Neevo to take part in the AI future anytime, anywhere.

“As the industry keeps realizing the impact of high-quality data, we keep working to improve our experience not only for our clients but also for our amazing human-in-the-loop community. Thus, I’m very proud to announce the launch of the Neevo app at Collision,” states founder and CEO Daniela Braga. DefinedCrowd was founded in 2015 and was recently named one of the top 100 AI startups by CB Insights.

The company has proven its traction in the AI industry by providing key performance indicators around quality, throughput, and scale, offering capabilities in 50+ languages and dialects. The Neevo by DefinedCrowd community supports the company’s global coverage, consisting of 130,000+ skilled members across 60+ countries.