DefinedCrowd Among the 25 Winners of the UNWTO Global Startup Competition


Seattle, Washington, February 22 2021 – DefinedCrowd, the fast-growing startup headquartered in Seattle, that provides training for Artificial Intelligence, is among the 25 winners of the UNWTO Global Startup Competition. 

This competition is an initiative of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, which aims to distinguish startups with the most disruptive projects that contribute to accelerating the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and received more than 10,000 applications resulting in 25 winning startups from 18 different countries. 

DefinedCrowd stood out among the more than 10,000 startups in the competition, for its contribution to goal 9 regarding the advancement of industry, innovation and infrastructure. 

The value proposition presented by DefinedCrowd in this competition highlights its contribution to the democratization of AI, making this technology accessible to everyone and an essential asset for innovation in tourism worldwide. Through its crowdsourcing platform,, which already has more than 500,000 members spanned across 80 countries, and with the combination of the most advanced machine learning techniques, DefinedCrowd contributes to: (1) minimize the impact of COVID -19 in the lives of families, providing them with the opportunity to earn an extra income through the paid micro tasks they can perform on this platform; (2) enhance the use of Artificial Intelligence worldwide and, specifically in tourism, through data collection that allows the improvement of speech recognition or text processing systems, as well as automatic and simultaneous translators, in all languages and dialects worldwide; (3) ensure that this technology is supported by bias-free training data, ensuring that our community is representative of the diversity and inclusion needed for that purpose. 

The finalists were, according to UNWTO news, evaluated for their potential contribution to each of the SDGs, their capacity for growth and product maturity, as well as by the team that is supporting it. From the 25 winners, 9 are American companies, 8 are European, 6 from Asia and the Pacific and 2 from Africa and the Middle East. The winning startups will now have the opportunity to integrate mentoring programs led by Amadeus, Google, IE University (Spain), FarCo, Mastercard and ClarkeModet, and participate in international events and initiatives organized by the World Tourism Organization benefiting from its networking and eventually participate in pilot projects with companies such as Amazon Web Services, BBVA, Telefonica, among others. 

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were created in 2015 and adopted by all United Nations state members as part of the Agenda 2030, with a 15-year action plan. This plan aims to mobilize society and nations to adopt a new lifestyle to end poverty and protect the planet (fighting climate change), thus contributing to improving the lives of all through sustainable development. 


About DefinedCrowd 

DefinedCrowd is a trusted AI data partner, offering an overarching infrastructure of solutions which all focus on making AI smarter. The broad scope of products ranges from off-the-shelf data to customized AI solutions. With Expertise, Reliability, Trust and Innovation at the core of our business, DefinedCrowd has been serving AI companies and Fortune 500 companies since day one. With offices in Seattle, Lisbon, Porto and Tokyo, DefinedCrowd combines human knowledge and machine learning creating a natural interaction between people and machines towards a smarter future. 


Catarina Peyroteo Salteiro    
Director of Global Communication & Brand