’s CEO Dr. Daniela Braga Presented at World Government Summit 2022 to Discuss Transforming Governance for Disruption


Session touched on how to leverage technology to address the challenges businesses and governments face globally, using her experience advising governments in the EU and US

SEATTLE & DUBAI – March 30, 2022 – Earlier this week, Daniela Braga, CEO of (formerly DefinedCrowd), the leading provider of data, models and tools for Artificial Intelligence, participated in a panel session at Agile 50 Forum at World Government Summit 2022 titled ‘Transforming Governance for Disruption.’ With businesses and governments facing challenges across environmental, geopolitical and social fronts, Braga her fellow members of the panel discussed how technological tools are available to proactively address issues of governance.

Braga’s role as an adviser to President Joe Biden and the Portuguese government led her to speak on how technology companies can help governments embrace digital transformation; to respond to their citizens during crucial periods, like a pandemic or natural disaster, faster. Some of these key points included the need to invest in AI literacy to accelerate this change and how governments in Europe and North America are beginning to address digital transformation.

With a theme of “Shaping Future Governments,” the World Government Summit took place in tandem with Expo 2020 Dubai and was focused on shaping the post-pandemic era – the world beyond the fourth industrial revolution. Robyn Scott, co-founder and CEO Apolitical, moderated the panel ‘Transforming Governance for Disruption.’

“It’s crucial for governmental organizations to understand how to make digital transformation more than just a concept, but a reality,” said Dr. Daniela Braga, CEO of “It’s on the private sector to bring forward governments, and more conservative organizations, to drive results that make digital transformation a beneficial practice. I believe in, and defend, a United Nations of AI, because all governments should be working together, with the tech industry, to learn from each other and accelerate global innovation.”

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