Who we are

We’re a passionate and dedicated bunch of machine learning experts, data scientists, engineers, IT professionals, product managers, and architects supporting the creation of ethical, fair and bias-free AI. We’re risk-takers and experts in our field, which makes us trendsetters.

We’re shooting for the stars together. That means we’re more than coworkers – we also like to have fun together. We celebrate birthdays with cakes, chill out with a glass of wine and do yoga together at our office. Join us on our journey and let’s conquer the world together!

Defiend Ai The Culture Code
Our code. Our culture. Our vibe.

Our Core Values

Defined Ai Be Brave
Be Brave

We are courageous in our convictions and always do what is right.

Defined Ai Be Authentic
Be Authentic

We are our genuine selves at work, because we know that in diversity, there is strength.

Defined Ai excel

We aim to be better than we were yesterday. Why? We want to be the best!

Defiend Ai Own It
Own It

We take responsibility for our work and are proactive in seeking out solutions.

Defined ai Trust

We work together transparently and openly, trusting ourselves, our colleagues, and our leadership team.

Defined Ai to Have Fun
Have Fun

What’s the point if we don’t have fun? At the end of the day, we enjoy the work we do.

Who we’re looking for

We want people who work hard, with passion, integrity, and an eye on the future. Here are a few key strengths we look for:

Defined Ai team
Team Player
We’ve seen the power of teamwork first-hand, and so we look for people who like to work as a team – and therefore win as a team too.
Whether you’re a machine learning engineer, or a seasoned salesperson, you are confident in the expertise you bring to the table.
In line with our values, we’re looking for people who bring their authentic selves to work, and aren’t afraid to show who they really are.
We want people who are passionate about what they do and delivering the best solutions possible.

The Career Journey

At Defined.ai, we encourage everyone to shoot for the stars. Here’s a look at what your career journey could look like.

The benefits of working at Defined.Ai

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Feel free to email your resume to sales@defined.ai. We love meeting new people, and you never know when we might need someone just like you!