Quality assessment of machine translation content for e-Commerce success


In today’s globalized world, ensuring machine translation quality assessment is crucial for e-commerce businesses to thrive across borders. Our tailored solution for a leading online e-commerce platform provided accurate translations in niche language pairs, leading to improved customer engagement and increased sales for our client.


The customer

Our client is a leading online e-commerce platform where millions of customers buy what they need from over 135,000 merchants who list unlimited offers on the platform.


The context

For two language conversions – Polish to Czech and Polish to Slovak – the client requested that we execute a translation quality assessment to meet the needs of Czech and Slovakian customers who wish to make purchases through their e-commerce platform. There were a couple of challenges for the client. This being a strictly linguistic assessment, the client’s top priority was to find a vendor with experience handling niche language combinations like Czech and Slovak to Polish (and vice versa). The client, therefore, specified that the annotators be native speakers of the language being evaluated and professionally qualified in the second language being used. The local expertise of our internal resources enabled us to quickly hire the right resources for this project. The entire cycle of qualifying, recruiting, and managing annotators was handled by us. We configured, launched, and executed the entire project using our state-of-the-art Neevo platform. We had to deal with the client’s changing requirements and last-minute additions and work aggressively on alternating delivery schedules.


The solution

We established precise delivery schedules by initially evaluating data quality for the translated descriptions we received from the client. Our carefully chosen annotators assessed the translated sentences and provided their scores on a Likert scale to subjectively evaluate translation quality. Their responses were clear and adhered to the indicators provided by the client. Several layers of preventative measures were put in place to detect and prevent workers from employing substandard practices, dishonest behavior, or generating results that do not meet the desired quality standards. These allow for effective operations, quality control, and reporting.

We handled two translation variants, 18,000 total volume of tasks per language pair, and 12 weeks (about three months) of project duration with five skilled annotators. Our client experienced significant benefits from our solution:

Increased Sales: By ensuring high-quality translations, we contributed to a 20% increase in sales compared to the project’s original scope.
Enhanced Customer Engagement: The improved translations led to better user experiences for Czech and Slovakian customers, fostering higher engagement rates on the platform.
Timely Delivery: Our efficient project management enabled us to deliver results with a faster turnaround time, even when accommodating last-minute requests.
• By focusing on these tangible results, our client’s satisfaction was a direct reflection of the positive impact our machine translation quality assessment had on their business.

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