Voicing Success: ASR Training Data for Enhanced Call Centers



In the competitive telecommunications and customer experience management landscape, delivering top-notch support, the capacity to understand a diverse range of accents is critical. For one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, finding high-quality French Canadian ASR training data proved to be a significant challenge. In this success story, we reveal how our expertise in providing specialized accent datasets and our commitment to data security has transformed our client’s contact center solutions, enabling them to better serve their North American clientele with enhanced sales, customer experience, compliance, and operational excellence.


The customer

The client is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world that designs, builds, and operates award-winning customer experience management solutions for North American clients in core verticals, including financial services, retail, eCommerce, telecommunications, and government. The client’s premier contact center solution provides enhanced sales, customer experience, compliance, and operational excellence by augmenting the performance of contact center staff.

The context

Our client’s contact center technical department has been responsible for developing ASR models for all of their clients’ call centers. They have had challenges developing models that could meet their accent requirement and thus were searching for a supplier with French Canadian ASR Training Data. Our client needed a vendor they could trust to provide them with high-quality training data while supporting their unique need for French Canadian localization.

Given the inherent complexity of unprocessed call center audio, we rely on timestamps provided by our clients to accurately trim speech segments. While Voice Activity Detection (VAD) technology can enhance this process, we have tailored our approach to best meet the specific needs of this client. Our current solution effectively isolates speech segments, ensuring optimal results for their requirements

Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from corruption, compromise, or loss was essential to our clients as they deal with call center data that contains sensitive client information. They were looking for a supplier who takes data security seriously.

The solution

Our client chose Defined.ai as their preferred provider for high-quality French Canadian ASR Training Data, recognizing our unmatched capabilities in meeting their specific requirements. According to our client, the following advantages of Defined.ai set us apart:

1. High-quality datasets

Our training datasets consistently exceed industry standards due to our rigorous quality control practices. We meticulously curate and validate our data to ensure superior accuracy and reliability, providing our clients with the highest quality ASR training data available.

2. Addressing specialized accent

Defined.ai showcased its expertise by successfully addressing the unique accent requirements of our client. Having the ability to handle non-standard accent requests played a pivotal role for our client, demonstrating our commitment to delivering tailored solutions.

3. Systems and processes

We have established a framework that revolves around quality control, data privacy, data security measures, and efficient delivery formats, all designed to provide our clients with the utmost benefits.


Looking to enhance your contact center solutions with tailored ASR training data that meets your unique requirements? Our ready-to-use datasets deliver the data quality, accent specialization, and security you need to drive customer satisfaction and business growth.