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Committed to supporting our employees, clients and partners

The Coronavirus is having a huge impact on every aspect of life. Internationally, borders are closing, airlines are cancelling flights en masse and businesses around the world are requiring that staff work from home. The modern world is facing a new challenge, and understandably people are concerned. As the CEO and founder of DefinedCrowd, with offices in Seattle, Lisbon, Porto and Tokyo, it is my responsibility to ensure that we as a company are ready to face this challenge head-on, and will continue to provide full support to both our valued employees and clients.  

Our global teams are working remotely, to protect their safety, while being fully operational to ensure our clients and partners’ needs are met, as usual.  
Covid-19 has continued to grow at a rapid rate, and the effects of the virus are being felt across the world. This situation presents many uncertainties and challenges, so here at DefinedCrowd, we have taken several actions that will protect our employees while ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted flow to our business and customer commitments.  

We have teams working in different locations around the world, all of whom are facing different Covid-19 challenges. We want our teams to remain safe while keeping a positive, motivated mindset. Therefore, we have encouraged all our staff to work from home and will be temporarily closing all our offices. 

We have asked all employees to refrain from travel, as this is now considered a high-risk activity. We also realize that each of us has a social responsibility to help curb the spread of Covid-19. By adopting social distancing practices and following the guidelines of government and health authorities, we will all contribute to the fight against the spread of the disease. 

Although we will continue to hire at the rate we are, all interviews and onboarding will take place remotely. We have also set up internal procedures that will ensure projects are run with the same speed and efficiency as before. 

As we work through this difficult time together, we want to give you the confidence that DefinedCrowd is both dedicated to the welfare of our employees and their families, and to the business of our clients.  

From all of us here at DefinedCrowd, we truly hope you, your families and colleagues stay healthy and safe during these troubled times. And please rest assured in the knowledge that we are committed to persevere, together, in the times ahead.  

Daniela Braga 
Founder and CEO of DefinedCrowd 


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