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Future of work: 6 ways AI enhances Online Meetings

Online video calls are a staple in today’s working world. As society progresses towards a new normal, where remote and hybrid roles are more prevalent, businesses are leveraging AI to enhance the online meeting experience. Since we must accept remote work as a new reality in our lives (in fact, a study done by Upwork projects that over 20% of jobs will be fully remote by 2025), we ought to look towards the future with an eye for what is possible. offers AI developers hours of video call data, ready for your models, along with thousands of hours of other types of training data. Check out our Marketplace today.

Remote and Hybrid Work Models: an opportunity for technology 

While some see remote and hybrid work models as a reduction in organizational efficiency and a fracturing of office camaraderie, it also represents a huge opportunity. Technology can be built on top of this partially untapped data source to free up workers’ time that could otherwise be directed toward core responsibilities or maintaining work-life balance.

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To celebrate, we’ve rounded up 6 incredible applications that are revolutionizing the way we connect.

6 Applications taking Online Meetings to the next level 

1.“Let’s Get to the Point!” — Meeting Summary Generation: Say goodbye to hours of scrolling through video call footage. Companies like are already creating AI that generates summaries of key points discussed, making life easier and saving you valuable time.

2. “Vibe Check!” — Sentiment Analysis: Want to know the overall mood during your team’s video calls? Voci Technologies provides AI that can analyze meeting transcriptions and give you a sentiment report, helping you improve team dynamics and boost morale. This has been a longstanding concern for large companies with distributed workforces, with companies like Apple acquiring startups like Emotient all the way back in 2016.

3. “Let’s all Optimize!”— Meeting Efficiency Optimization: Companies like Klaxoon make AI systems that can analyze the length of meetings, identify how much time is spent on each topic, and suggest ways to streamline meetings to minimize wasted time. Additionally, it can analyze meeting agendas, identify areas where more time could be allocated to certain topics, and suggest changes to make the agenda more effective.

4. “Personalized Pronunciation, Please!”— Personalized Speech Recognition: Tired of speech recognition software misinterpreting your accent? SoundHound’s Houndify is a speech recognition platform that can improve transcription accuracy in online meetings through its personalized approach. It adapts to each user’s voice and speech patterns, making it possible to transcribe speech correctly even in noisy environments, and offers natural language understanding capabilities for more seamless communication.

5. “Categorize Me This!” — Content Categorization: Are you looking for a more organized and efficient way to review and analyze the content from your online meetings? Abridge has an AI-powered platform that categorizes meeting content into topics, actions, and decisions. With a concise summary complete with key insights and action items, Abridge makes it easy for you to access and analyze the information that matters most.

6. “Action, Please! — Automated Follow-Up Generation: No more forgettable to-do lists from video calls. Hypercontext (previously Soapbox) uses AI to identify actions and tasks discussed during the call.

Valuable datasets to reap the benefits of AI-Powered Online Meetings

The utilization of AI in online meetings is rapidly growing and has tremendous potential for improving the online meeting experience. From personalizing speech recognition to automating follow-up generation to recognizing emotions, the productivity gains from AI-streamlined meetings are immense. By purchasing a dataset of online meeting recordings, companies can leverage this valuable resource to train AI models and create cutting-edge applications. This is an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and drive growth in the tech industry. We encourage investing in these valuable datasets to reap the benefits of AI-powered online meetings.

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